Scott Dickerson

Professional creative. Passionate Alaskan

Scott keeps himself busy with creative endeavors. Usually shooting photos or video of some epic adventure in the wilds of his Alaskan homeland.  He enjoys finding creative angles that reveal his subjects' connection with the natural environment in an authentic and artistic style. His skills include still and motion picture production for advertising, commercial, and editorial projects. Scott is also a camera operator for ZatzWorks offering stabilized aerial video using the Cineflex system.

Scott lives in the inspiring and beautiful little town of Homer, Alaska with his wife Stephanie and their baby Riley. 

Patagonia, Alaska Brewing Co., Brunotti, Fox, Land Rover, MD Helicopters, Naish, Red Bull, ROXY / Quiksilver
Men's Journal, National Geographic, New York Times, Outside, Surfer, The Surfer's Journal, GQWonderful Machine, DesignPics, Alaska Stock, A-Frame